What are people saying about Dr. Tom Amberry’s seven step free throw method?

“Slide over Shaq. Park it Patrick. We have found the undisputed champion of the free throw line, Dr. Tom Amberry.”
-Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News

“This man is making athletic history.”
-Diane Sawyer, Day One

“I’m fascinated by Tom Amberry’s method. I really like the techniques and steps and procedures he’s using. I’m going to have my team use it this year.”
-Jerry Tarkanian, former Fresno State Coach

“Double O.T. baby!!!”
-Dick Vitale, after losing twice to Dr. Amberry at the Final Four.


Dr. Tom Amberry on David Letterman’s show

“Dr. Amberry’s command of the fundamentals and skills of free throw shooting is world renowned.”
-Bill Fitch, former coach of the L.A. Clippers

“He told me to shoot my way and I missed a couple. Then I shot a few his way and I didn’t miss. I’ve changed my style of shooting free throws.”
-Eric Chenowith, 7’3″, number 1 high school draft choice

“He’s by far the best”
-Los Angeles Times

“It is deemed advisable not to forge any type of wager with Dr. Tom Amberry.”
-Senior Sports Editor, San Diego, California