Testimonials and Results

Photo Courtesy of Erik Drost via Wikimedia Commons
Photo Courtesy of Erik Drost via Wikimedia Commons

What kind of results can you expect? How much can you improve? Why not try to make every free throw? It doesn’t matter what your percentage is now, you can get better results. The key is to focus on each free throw, one at a time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pickup game or a championship match. Just make every free throw.

My motto is: “A free throw is a gift.” It’s free. So make every free throw for you and for your team.

Improving will take commitment and dedication. But it will also be fun and rewarding. And, as your free throw shooting improves, your confidence will grow, and your three-pointers will get better too. I recommend shooting 100 free throws a day after practice. Magic Johnson used to shoot 100 a day, and he had a career average of 85%.

You’ll also need to work on your mental game. The foundation of the mental game is focus and concentration. Like the proper mechanics, the mental game comes from repetition. This is where regular practice shooting comes in. The more you practice the proper technique, the more you will be able to focus your mind to ensure free throw accuracy.

Then, when your time comes, you can step up. You can make every free throw.

Here are some of the results people had after learning Dr. Tom’s Method:

  • After just one coaching session from Dr. Tom, an assistant coach of a college team made 68 free throws in a row. He made 98 in a row the next day and six 3-pointers in a game.
  • The Cal State Bakersfield Roadrunners went from 62% to 83% in one game and maintained an 80% free throw average during their playoff games.
  • A player from the Long Beach State 49ers went from 40% to 85% at the line during one season.
  • A group of junior high players shot better than 80% free throw averages after one week of practice.

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