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Player’s Edition

Dr Tom’s winning free throw method is just what you need to start draining free throws, even under game pressure! Make free throws to help propel your team to victory, making your coach, teammates, and fans proud.

The free throw method is easy to pick up and is used by some of basketball’s greatest legends. It’s been shown time and again to raise your free throw percentage, even when the heat is on.

This 10 minute video lays out all you need to know to start hitting your free throws, for the amazing price of $2.99! It’s a great deal to help you start making your free throws every time.

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Coach’s Edition

As many people know, most basketball games are decided by about 10 points. Also, in most pro matches, each team takes roughly 25 free throws. What does this mean? Free throws can mean the difference between a key win and a tough loss.

As your team’s coach, you need to make sure everyone on your team gets free throw shooting, so they don’t become singled out as a target for fouls. The coach’s edition gives you all the tools you need to do and more, giving your team the right mechanics for strong free throw shooting.

The Coach’s Edition of Make Every Free Throw gives you all you need to make your team unbeatable at the free throw line. For just $9.99, it teaches the seven step method, making free throws your team’s secret weapon.

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Here are other versions of Make Every Free Throw available to order.

Make Every Free Throw on DVD

Learn Dr. Amberry’s seven step Focus and Concentrate approach by watching the master at work! See him teaching basketball players! Hear what top players and coaches say about the results!

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The Book

An in-depth description of the seven steps to sinking every Free Throw, even under game pressure.

Published by HarperCollins, Free Throw tells the amazing story of how Dr. Tom discovered his free throw secret. It will teach you how to hit clutch free throws under game pressure. Available in all bookstores or call and order your copy today.

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