freethrow7In 1995, Philip Reed, a writer and journalist based in Long Beach, California, heard about Dr. Tom Amberry’s amazing free throw method for the first time. Reed was impressed by Amberry’s world record, and when he found out that Amberry lived only a few miles away in Rossmore, he decided to contact him with the idea of collaborating on a free throw instructional book. The project led to Free Throw, published by Harper Collins, and another collaboration with veteran sports TV producer and editor Nikola Stanjevich of BCS productions on Make Every Free Throw, an instructional video teaching Amberry’s record breaking free throw method. In 2014, the video was updated to include a player’s version and a coach’s version.

Freethrow.com is currently managed by Reed and Stanjevich. Dr. Tom continues to give occasional input and advice to up and coming free throw shooters on the site.

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