Commemorating a Special Anniversary

Today, 24 years ago, a 72-year-old man stepped to the free throw line at the Rossmoor Athletic center and sunk the first of what was to be 2,750 consecutive free throws. That man was Dr. Tom Amberry, a retired podiatrist and former professional basketball player. Throughout the years, Dr. Tom, as he was known to his friends, appeared on several well-known talk shows, coached numerous free-throw clinics, and even coached free throws for the Chicago Bulls. Perhaps his greatest achievement was authoring Free Throw: 7 Steps to Success at the Free Throw Line. The insights in the book inspired two instructional DVD’s, one for coaches and one for players. Both are available for order on this site. Although Dr. Tom passed away on March 18 of this year at the age of 94, he left behind him an enduring legacy, summed up with his favorite saying: “We are more limited by our beliefs than our abilities.”