Process, Not Results

From jmcmann Via Wikimedia Commons

If you could read the basketball player’s mind, he or she might be saying, “I’ve got to make this basket! If I don’t we’ll lose the game. If I lose this game, we’ll blow the championship. If we lose the championship…” Instead, my friend Dr. James Jen Kin said that the player in the pressure-packed situation should be thinking, “Okay, start the process. Remember all the steps. Do them all right and the ball will go in the basket.”

When an athlete focuses on the process, Dr. Jen Kin said, the results will take care of themselves. “You could almost say to yourself, “I’m going to do everything just right and the hell with the results.””

Different Strokes…


While we’re waiting for the Final Four, I want you to look at these videos: one of Steve Nash , and the other of Stephen Curry, both shooting free throws. Both Steve Nash and Stephen Curry are the same heightCourtesy of Noah Salzman (6’3″) and have the same career average in free throws (90%). Now, Nash shoots with his feet square on the line, as I recommend.  You see that Curry has his right foot slightly forward. Both, however, have the correct mechanics when it comes to keeping their eye on the basket, shooting and following through. They have mastered another fundamental of free throw shooting: because they build it into their regular practice, their focus and concentration on the free throw line is that much stronger. The point I am making is this: different players can make different styles work. As long as the mechanics are in order, your results will be strong.