March Madness’s “First Four” Kicks Off, Will Free Throws Play a Factor?

March madness public domain

Tonight is the “first four” of NCAA’s March Madness. This means that the usual 64 teams have been upped to 68 and… well, I’ll let the sarcastic commentators at Guardian Sports explain:

Q:These “First Four” games are just play-in games, does the NCAA think we’re stupid?

A: Yes.

Early favorites include the Florida Gators, Arizona Wildcats, Virginia Cavaliers, and the Wichita State Shockers. One of the biggest concerns people have voiced is that people will confuse Cavaliers coach Tony Bennet with the singer Tony Bennet.

In terms of free throws, UCLA is looking strong – they even got some props from the student paper at rival USC, whose students are usually more concerned with planning how to graffiti the giant bear statue on the UCLA campus. The Bruins were able to beat the Arizona Wildcats during the season, will they do it again?

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