Whether you’re a player or a coach, learning how to make consistent free throws will help you win basketball games.

“The most under-utilized part of the game is making free throws.”

Player’s Edition

player's edition of free throw

Are you having trouble at the free throw line? Or do you hit all your free throws during practice, but then freeze up during a game? Dr. Tom’s method will have you sinking free throws and winning games in no time!

The easy to learn, seven step method has been used by NCAA and NBA stars, and is proven to boost your free throw shooting rate under game pressure.

In this 10 minute video, you get the entire seven step method, and useful drills to learn it, all for just $2.99!

An unbeatable deal that will make you unstoppable at the free throw line.

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Coach’s Edition

player's edition of free throw

It’s a well known fact that most basketball games are won or lost by about 10 points. In most games, each team is given about 25 free throws. This means that free throws can make a huge difference. They’re the deciding factor in whether your team wins or loses.As a coach, you need to have the right drills to make sure everyone on your team is a strong free throw shooter. Weak free throw shooters become a target for the other team to foul. That means you need effective drills that teach the right free throw shooting mechanics to everyone on your team.And that’s exactly what we’ve prepared in the Coach’s Edition of Make Every Free Throw. For just $9.99, it teaches the seven step method, and gives you the tools to make sure everyone on your team is solid at the free throw line.

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Make clutch free throws under game pressure!

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  • Hit the winning free throw for your team’s victory!
  • Make ugly bricks and embarrassing misses a thing of the past!
  • Be strong when you go to the line!

Here’s the 7-step method for making every free throw used by the world’s champion free throw shooter. This game-tested system blends the correct bio-mechanics with secret mental stress-reducers. You’ll hit the back of the net every time and your scoring stats will soar. Learn from the world champion free throw shooter, Dr. Tom Amberry and “Make Every Free Throw!”

Make Every Free Throw is available as a download, viewable on your home computer. It comes in two editions, the Player’s Edition and the Coach’s Edition.

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It’s the fourth quarter. Your team is down by one point with only seconds on the clock. Then it happens. Bam! Fouled, right as you were about to make a jumper to win. But you’ve still got two free throws, two more chances.At the free throw line, it’s do or die. Two shots to win or lose.You think you can do it. You’ve got a decent percentage from the free throw line during practice. But now it’s different. Now, you’re shooting with the game on the line. Your teammates, your coach, and your fans in the stands are all depending on you.You feel the sweat beading up on your forehead. You look up at the rim, fifteen feet away, hovering above your head. You’re pretty sure you can make these two shots.But you want to be more than pretty sure. You want to make every free throw, every time. How can you learn the technique and confidence to do it?

Meet Dr. Tom Amberry

Tom Amberry LB Pyramid 1You might not guess it, but this man is the world champion of free throw shooting. He broke the world record for most consecutive free throws by making 2,750 in a row. He would have made even more but they kicked him out of the gym! So when it comes to free throws, Dr. Tom has cracked the code.

Tom Amberry was born in North Dakota and was a high school and college basketball star. He served in World War II where he played on the Navy team. After the war, he toured the world playing basketball. Then, he got his doctorate in podiatry, making a nice living providing medical care for people’s feet. Many world class athletes were his patients. In his 70s, he retired to a comfortable life in Southern California and took up free throw shooting as a hobby.

We have worked with Dr. Tom to painstakingly capture his record breaking 7 step method and teach it to you. When it’s game time, you’ll be able to draw on Tom’s method — and his amazing example — to achieve absolute confidence from the charity strip, and you will “make every free throw.